About Us

Bob's Atmosphere

Firepit against evening sunset

Bob's has an understated 1950s environment -- just enough to make you feel a little history but not to go overboard. We have a cozy fireplace for the cold winter months and a large beautiful outdoor patio for those warm summers.

Our patio, which overlooks the Stockton Delta and has direct boat access, is perfect for large parties and banquets with large umbrellas and a large canopy. Just take a look at some of our pictures.

Bob's Employees

Bird's eye view of Bob's at the Marina outdoor dining

Bob's has employees today who have been there since almost the very beginning thirty years ago, even putting some of their children to work! But eating at Bob's is more than just a family affair with great customer service.

Bob's has the finest cooks on the Delta, responsible for the consistent perfection  result of all of our menu items.


Grilled cheese sandwich with fries plate

Bob's at the Marina is a proud member of the California Delta Chamber and Visitors Bureau, and the Village West Marina.


Bob's is a proud supporter to neighborhood schools and the Pacific Athletics. Go Tigers!

A Note from Bob's at the Marina

In 1982 Bob's at the Marina opened. It fulfilled a lifetime goal of bringing Stockton and the Delta the best hamburgers, breakfasts and sandwiches with the very best and freshest ingredients; always made with pride.